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RE-Juvenate Real Estate Partner Program Terms

Service NamePrice
REJUVENATE Real Estate Partner Program ​Directory Listing on 10 Probate Estate Leads Per Quarter (90-days)Referral Bonus Structure ($500 on Each person referred in an estate upon the initial advance, and another $500 due upon repayment)​$49.99/mo

Payment Authorization: Customer agrees to pay the fees set forth above. Customer agrees to pay those fees by check or credit card.​

​This Agreement (the “Agreement”) is to define the relationship, obligations, and purpose of the realtor (“Customer”) and Re-Juvenate (“Consultant”) pertaining to the Customer’s use of the information provided by Consultant pertaining to real property that is expected to be listed for sale within six (6) to twelve (12) months.  In no way should this be considered a joint venture.   Consultant is serving as an aggregator hosting a directory/website for realtors.  Customer’s information will be displayed on the Consultant’s website when content is displayed relating to the county or part of the state in which Customer works as a licensed realtor.  Customer’s information will also be displayed on Customer’s profile page, which is a page that you populate with information about you.  The objective is for Consultant to provide leads on properties to Customer and increase marketing opportunities for the Customer.  Services to be provided under the Agreement shall commence with the start date below and continue until cancellation by either party as set forth in this Agreement. There shall be an initial thirty (30) day trial period and Customer agrees to pay, after the expiration of the trial period, the monthly management rate of $49.99, for a minimum of three (3) months. To cancel, Customer must send an email to [email protected].  Customer may cancel at anytime after 3 months beyond the expiration of the initial, thirty (30) day trial period.  Consultant reserves the right, but is not obligated, to cancel the recurring services as a result of non-payment. If Consultant cancels for non-payment, Customer agrees to reimburse Consultant for all unpaid charges through the first billing date after Consultant cancels the Customer’s services.  Consultant does not offer refunds.

​Consultant makes no guarantees of performance, results or quality of the leads. Consultant is limited to providing a website for the marketing of Customer and Consultant has nothing to do with the listing, condition of, or sale of any property.  Consultant makes no warranties regarding any properties having to do with this contract or the relationship between Customer and Consultant.  The terms set forth on this page constitute the entire understanding and agreement between Consultant and Customer, and they supersede any prior representations or negotiations. This Agreement may be amended only by a writing signed by both parties.

​You hereby grant to Consultant a worldwide nonexclusive license to publish your profile and, should the Consultant provide the ability for you to publish, any articles you shall author (“your Works”) on the Consultant’s website for such Works that you request be displayed on the Consultant’s website.  At your written request, the Consultant will remove any of your Works, whether during or after the term of this Agreement.  You agree that the Consultant may cause your Works to be published or mentioned on other websites the Company does not control, and you agree and understand that the Consultant may not be able to remove your Works from websites the Consultant does not control.  Customer represents that any Customer-provided artwork, graphics or other intellectual property does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any person or entity. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Consultant harmless from any claims arising from the use of Customer-provided artwork, graphics or other intellectual property, including attorneys’ fees.  Further, the Customer will hold harmless and indemnify the Consultant against any and all claims and actions arising out of the participation of the Customer in activities under this Agreement, including, without limitation, expenses, judgments, fines, settlements, and other amounts actually and reasonably incurred in connection with any liability, suit, action, loss, or damage arising or resulting from the Customer’s participation under this Agreement.

​Any dispute arising out of this Agreement will be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of the State of Florida. The parties agree that, and submit to, the venue and jurisdiction for any dispute between them shall be in the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida.  Customer and Consultant agree that initial process may be served via electronic mail and certified mail which service shall be presumed complete on the day of mailing and simultaneous transmission of email. Unless Consultant is notified otherwise, the physical and email address for service shall be those addresses contained within this Agreement. The parties agree to the waiver of their right to a trial by jury as to any issues so triable.   If any party hereto commences any action arising out of this agreement, including, without limitation, any action to enforce or interpret this agreement, the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to their attorney’s fees and costs, including for appeal.

​If any term of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall continue to be fully enforceable to the extent Florida law so provides.  Any term of this Agreement that provides a right or imposes an obligation after the termination or expiration date will survive the termination or expiration and be binding on the parties.

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